Xopobox.com | Store what really matters!

XopoboX is a cloud-based file SAAS storage management software platform. Xopobox is a private box in the cloud where you can store important documents, funeral wishes, instructions and personal messages for loved ones. You can add a beneficiary per box. If something happens to you, the beneficiary can unlock your box and access all important information.

Mail your document, invoice, contract, photo, video or receipts to your XopoboxID@xopobox.com and you will receive the document directly in your box. You can find your own xopoboxID in your Xopobox. You receive only the document.

Examples what you might store in your box for yourself or your loved ones in case something happens to you:

  • Funeral wishes
  • Medical info and wishes
  • Old family receipes
  • Paint codes
  • Insurance policies
  • Instruction to loved to ones
  • Personal video messages to loved ones
  • Hologram – speak at your own funeral

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